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This site was originally created for a specific purpose. So lets go back a couple of years. I started training in 1986 and I am still a student first and an Instructor of Hapkido, Torite Jutsu and Taekwondo. With more of a street mindset toward the application of the arts. So I would burn these fight videos onto a DVD and bring them into the adult class for discussion and observation. Since the majority that train really haven't been in a real world confrontation. These videos were great tools. But that got old after like twice. So I decided to throw them on the web so they could just view them on their time. But first I needed a .com, so I used a term that one of my instructors would use, after showing a technique or concept. He would say " Now go get you some." Meaning, get out there and do it. Thanks R.M. :) Hence, ComeGetYouSome. It just exploded from then on. Three crashed servers later, here we are.

I know that many view this site as just a break from the daily grind. But my hope is that everyone can gain from someone else's life experience. Especially the martial arts community. These videos are great tools. If you train. Watch some of the fights and ask yourself, what technique would I have used. It shouldn't take long before you realize that it will not be a specific technique, but a melding of what you know. A little of this and a little of that, what ever fits the moment. But also realize that most of these fights could have easily been avoided.

What is this site all about? Well besides the above, it's now a collection of viewer submitted videos and pictures that circulate the internet. That people like you send in. That come in the form of pictures, funny videos, humor, jokes, amazing things, creative things and things like "Oops I shouldn't have done that", plus anything else you can think of, and some things I hope you would never think of. Plus you will find quite a variety of pictures, Gifs, animations and such. Including pets, people, mysterious events, wildlife, creative pictures, cute animals ... you get the idea. This is something that is put together on a shoestring budget. Although it would be nice for some rich person to throw us a big chunk of cash. That way we could live in a condo on the beach and run the site from a laptop. How great would that be. However so far everyone I talked to didn't think they wanted part with that kind of capital. Go figure ha ha. If your are a wealthy person and want to send money, just because you like the site, feel free to do so.

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