Flagging on AboutUs.org


As a guide to websites, there are a few types of sites that we think are important to note on AboutUs.org. And because we want to make it easy for the community to do this we have created a flag that allows anyone who is logged in on AboutUs.org to flag sites as:

  • Adult Content (this puts the site's page behind a click wall so people don't unintentionally land there)
  • Parked Site (aka parking lot, parked page, link farm)
  • Broken (no website)
  • Possible Malware
  • Gambling Site

Incorrectly flagged site?

If a site has been mistakenly flagged as one of the above it is easy to undo.

Once you're signed in, you can click the flag and un-flag the page. UnFlagNewSite3.png


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