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MyBlackBook is a secure and confidential online sexual history tracker which is aimed at promoting safe sex.

It is basically the online-version of the familiar old dark-colored journal. After setting up a free account, you can log all the men or women that you've had romantic involvements with, and keep your personal reference within reach from any Internet-connected PC.

The mission of MyBlackBook is to provide people with a place to store their sexual history, partners, and experiences in a safe, secure and confidential place. It allows them to manage, update and look up their entries in an easy way - giving them the opportunity and ability to assess their sexual behavior and activity and to make changes in their lives.

The free non-profit site was created by New York Internet Engineer, Robert Ianuale., and now has over 900 members both male and female since its debut in April of 2005.



How does MyBlackBook keep my data safe?says:

equivalent to the technology and security practices banks use to keep your account information safe


In March of 2006, MyBlackBook released VDNote , short for "Venereal Disease Notification", which is linked to a user’s MyBlackBook account. VDNote analyzes the account and gives each user an estimate of his or her probability of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, such as chlamydia or herpes, based on a combination of national averages and the user's own sexual history. VDNote then displays this estimate alongside the national average probability and average estimates of other MyBlackBook users so users can compare their estimated risk to these figures.

Member demographics

  • 75.9% males, 24.1% females
  • Age range: 18-71
    • Average male age: 28
    • Average female age: 22
  • Average number of entries: 8
  • Average number of sessions: 13
  • 86.4% straight, 10.2% bisexual, 3.5% gay

Geographic distribution

Top 10 States Top 10 Cities
New York Manhattan
California Brooklyn
New Jersey San Francisco
Florida San Jose
Michigan Staten Island
Illinois The Bronx
Massachusetts Boston
Alabama Chicago
Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Texas London



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Confidential as a bank

See "Same security as bank use to keep you sage from criminals".

That is:

  • Not safe from government inspection
  • Probably not safe from lawsuits
  • Not safe from MyBlackBoot itself. And they are probably under less strict laws than banks are?

This may still be a good idea, though. Just think about the secutiry implications of the alternatives:

  • MyBlackBook
  • Black book on paper
  • Encryption on your own PC
  • Not keeping sexual records