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Digimon Frontier is the fourth season of Digimon: Digital Monsters. This season is unique to the others because the Digidestined no longer have Digimon partners and actually transform into Digimon to defend themselves.

The plot revolves around the Digidestined receiving a distress call from Ophanimon within the Digital World. Cherubimon along with Ophanimon and Seraphimon were entrusted with safekeeping the Digital World after Lucemon's defeat by the ten legendary warriors. However Cherubimon soon became corrupted and defeated Seraphimon, imprisoning Ophanimon. Eventually the Digidestined arrive in the Digital World seeking to find their answers from Ophanimon.



  • Takuya Kanbara - inherits the spirit of flame. Cheerful and energetic, he is the gogglehead of the group.
  • Zoe Orimoto - inherits the spirits of wind. Short tempered, who lived two years in Italy before moving to Japan.
  • J.P. Shibayama - inherits the spirits of thunder. Loves chocolate, performs magic tricks and has an undeniable crush on Zoe.
  • Tommy Himi - inherits the spirits of ice. Timid and shy, he looks up to Takuya as a big brother.
  • Koji Minamoto - inherits the spirits of light. Arrogant but strong willed, acts as the knight of the group.
  • Koichi Kimura - Inherits the spirits of darkness. Koji's mysterious brother.


  • Agunimon - human hybrid of flame. Uses flame based physical attacks.
  • BurningGremyon - beast hybrid of flame, resembles a humanoid dragon. Uses flame based attacks.
  • Kazemon - human hybrid of wind that resembles a fairy. Uses wind based attacks and physical kicking attacks.
  • Zephyrmon - beast hybrid of wind that resembles a harpy with metal claws. Uses powerful wind based attacks.
  • Beetlemon - human hybrid of thunder that resembles an armoured beetle. Uses electric based attacks.
  • MetalKabuterimon - beast hybrid of thunder that resembles a battle tank. Also uses electric based attacks.
  • Kumamon - human hybrid of ice, resembles a teddy bear with a blaster. Uses iced based attacks and can also shapeshift into ice.
  • Lobomon - human hybrid of light, resembles a knight. Uses light based attacks with sabres for melee combat.
  • KendoGarurumon - beast hybrid of light, resembles a robotic wolf. Uses light based energy attacks with razor sharp wings.
  • Lowemon - cleansed human hybrid of darkness, resembles a humanoid lion. Uses dark based energy attacks with a lance for melee combat.
  • JagerLowemon - cleansed beast hybrid of darkness, resembles a dark armoured lion. Uses dark based energy attacks.


  • Cherubimon - a beast-type celestial Digimon whose role was to protect the peace of the Digital World. He became corrupted and angry towards Seraphimon and Ophanimon thinking they were favouring human-type Digimon over the beast-type Digimon. He captured and corrupted the spirits of earth, water, wood, metal and darkness to follow his cause.
  • Grumblemon - human hybrid of earth that resembles a gnome. Uses two sledgehammers as weapons.
  • Gigasmon - beast hybrid of earth that resemmbles an ogre. Uses powerful physical attacks to overwhelm his foes.
  • Ranamon - human hybrid of water that resembles an amphibian humanoid creature. Uses water based attacks.
  • Calmaramon - beast hybrid of water that resembles a squid. Uses acid based attacks.
  • Arbormon - human hybrid of wood that resembles a robot. Uses physical attacks.
  • Petaldramon - beast hybrid of wood that resembles a lizard. Uses tree based root and leaf attacks.
  • Mercurymon - human hybrid of metal that resembles an array of mirrors. Uses his mirrors to deflect attacks.
  • Sakkakumon - beast hybrid of metal that resembles an array of eyes. Uses his memory to absorb and deflect attacks.
  • Duskmon - human hybrid of darkness that resembles a dark warrior with eyes scattered on his suit. Uses devastating dark based attacks and a pair of swords for melee combat.
  • Velgemon - beast hybrid of darkness that resembles a prehistoric dead bird. Also uses dark based attacks.
  • Lucemon - the celestial being that used to rule the Digital World but became corrupted by his power. He was defeated by the ten legendary warriors and sealed him away.
  • The Royal Knights - consists of Crusadermon and Dynasmon. Once loyal to serving the Digital World, they have been corrupted and have actually decided to try and free Lucemon from his prison.

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